Eden Flowers Burford
  • Burford Florist
  • Built to customer specifications
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Custom image gallery
  • Feeling romantic ? ...
Company Directory
  • Company Personnel Directory
  • PHP query on SQL Database
  • Built to user specification
  • DOM manipulation
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Who works where ? ...
Countries of the world
  • Gazetteer
  • PHP query to mulitple apis
  • Built to user specification
  • DOM manipulation
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Where are you headed ? ...
Pick 'n' mix records
Password Generator
  • Password Generator
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Password length slider
  • Mixed case, punctuation, numbers
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Need a new password ? ...
PHP Login Script
  • Sign in Form
  • Account creation
  • Validate email address link
  • Profile edit
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About me ...

Full Stack web developer, with excellent skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, SQL and MongoDB. Knowledge and capable of working with React, Node, Express, Java, Python, C# and C++. Stacks include LAMP and MEAN. Always looking to further enhance my knowledge in these skills and more than willing to learn new ones.

Recently completed a Coding Traineeship with IT Career Switch where I improved upon and gained knowledge in the majority of the above programming languages. As well as achieving certification in front end programming languages from Microsoft. The final assessment required careful planning and consideration of programming techniques in undertaking the two projects Gazetteer and Company Directory.

Currently studying Computer Science part time at the Open University. Modules completed include: Discovering Mathematics (Distinction, OES 89%, OCAS 96%), Computing and IT Part One (Distinction, OS 88%), Computing and IT Part Two (Distinction, OS 85%), Technologies in practice (Distinction, OES 86%, OCAS 91%), Cisco Networking CCNA Part One (Grade Two Pass, OES 73%, OCAS 96%), Object-oriented Java programming (Grade Two Pass, OS 84%). Due to commence two new modules, Web technologies and Algorithms, data structures and computability in October 2020.

OES: Overall Examinable Score, OCAS: Overall Continuous Assessment Score, OS: Overall Score

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